C3 Investigations provides expert investigative services to the legal profession and the business community.  As part of a worldwide network of former FBI Agents specializing in a variety of disciplines, we are able to set up both, small or large-scale investigative operations quickly and effectively. Each investigation encountered is unique and demands a careful assessment. We will develop a comprehensive investigative plan to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. C3i maintains a close client working relationship and is committed to our project completion dates because our client’s decisions rely on us providing a timely work product.

C3 Investigations and its associates are highly trained and proficient in the proper techniques of evidence collection procedures and chain of custody requirements to ensure admissibility in court. Investigations are completed efficiently and in a cost effective way to assist the bottom line of the clients’ businesses.  C3i fully understands its commitment to produce a quality product for our clients. We have developed access to many investigative resources, to include public source, federal and state, civil and criminal databases. Whether the clients’ request(s) requires an analysis of database searches, interviews, physical surveillance, polygraph examinations or the implementation of technical countermeasures, we are prepared to meet your needs.  Additionally, through our partnerships with qualified examiners, members of our team are also knowledgeable with computer systems and expertise in computer forensics.

C3 Investigations provides litigation support to law firms involved in actions that require the need for sophisticated investigative strategies and techniques.  We will either support or help avert litigious actions.  Our team of professionals is skilled in conducting undercover operations, locating, interviewing or gathering information and conducting assessments of potential witnesses. Our investigators are experienced in providing credible testimony based on their investigative actions.

C3 Investigations can provide investigative resources for:

  • Accident Investigation / Reconstruction of Accidents
  • Civil Litigation Support and Trial Preparation
  • Identification & Location of Witnesses, Background Checks & Interviews
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks/Investigations
  • Asset Searches
  • Interviews and statements
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Public Record Searches and analysis– Computer Database and In Person
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Process Service
  • Undercover Operations
  • Electronic Data Recovery and imaging of computer files and email

Executive Protection

C3 Investigations is experienced with the techniques, methods and procedures in providing secure Executive Protection for our clients. C3i has provided Executive Protection for high profile executive personnel; individuals undergoing major criminal and/or civil legal procedures; material witnesses in high profile court cases; public figures; and subjects enduring circumstances which has deemed them newsworthy and sought out by journalists and photographers. C3i has developed security plans, procedures and instituted systems to provide required protection for the clients’ family, businesses, properties and their residences. C3i consults with appropriate law enforcement personnel to analyze the threat credibility and coordinate activities with them, to enhance the client’s protection and assist those agencies in their investigation of the threats and apprehension of the actors, in an effort to diminish the threat.


C3 Investigation can provide an array of business relating consulting services to its clientele. During Mr. Ceccarelli’s FBI Career, he was designated as the Security Manager for highly sensitive global programs. This designation served for the development of expertise in multiple areas of security; including: operational, personnel, facility, access and demeanor procedures, covert/undercover operations, and security clearance procedures. The responsibilities also included the development of Security Plans, multi-level Cover Story Scenarios responding to potential security breaches, and Security briefings applicable to all levels of personnel.